About Us

Sip Spiritually. Catedral Mezcal launched in May 2022, and has already won 9 awards at 8 international spirits competitions.

Catedral Mezcal brings farm to bottle in a revolutionary way by offering 6 varieties of mezcal, from 6 different mezcaleros. The brand was founded by a father-daughter duo to reinvent the mezcal market in the US by elevating the men (and women) behind the bottle and paying homage to mezcal’s essential role in Mexican culture. They are committed to sustainability and local partnerships as a fundamental pillar of their business model. The brand debuts with 4 single varietal mezcals (Espadin, Mexicano, Tobala, Madre Cuishe) and 2 ensamble mezcals (one Espadín + Cuishe and one Espadín + Mexicano). While the majority of the mezcal market in the US is Espadin (cultivated from the Blue Agave plant), Catedral Mezcal specializes in mezcals crafted from sustainably farmed wild agave plants. Their 6 different mezcal varieties offer a broad range of flavor profiles from various species of agave plants.

Catedral De Mi Padre Mezcal focuses on fostering an appreciation of the traditional handmade methods of making mezcal and on promoting the farm to bottle experience. In order to bring together the maker and the consumer, the brand adds a QR code on each bottle to enable consumers to view authentic video interviews of the mezcalero who made the mezcal. This feature directly connects the consumer with the personal history of who, and process of how, the mezcal is made and uniquely transports the consumer to the makers’ palenque in Oaxaca. 

The brand emcompasses Mexican culture, the importance of family and a celebration of the unique spirit of mezcal. Its logo includes the outline of the Church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, the most famous cathedral in Oaxaca City and its name, Catedral De Mi Padre, highlights the family connections that are central to creating and enjoying mezcal. The luxurious and intricate bottle design features handmade, premium leather boots (a different leather color for each variety of mezcal). With ABVs ranging from 43% to 47.8%, this collection of mezcal caters to discerning mezcal drinkers. “Consumers today are looking to connect with brands that are authentic and meaningful”, said 26 year-old Co-Founder, Sydney Block. “No other spirit emcompasses traditions, cultural values and artisanal techniques the way Mezcal does. It has made me believe in the power of community again”.